Volunteer Requirements


A Board of Directors runs the Northern Blades NSC FSC with many committees doing various duties; it is a non-profit, entirely volunteer club. The success of Northern Blades NSC FSC relies solely on the active and continuous support of its individual members and their families. The requirements for the 2020-21 skating season are as follows:

  • Each Home Club family will be required to provide 10 hours of service/volunteer time to the club during the membership year (July 1st, 2020 - June 30th, 2021). 

  • A $250.00 volunteer deposit is required from each Club Family to be cashed only if the family fails to fulfill the minimum required hours by June 30th, 2021.

  • A family can elect to “opt out” of the service/volunteer time requirement by writing a check to NBNSCFSC for $200.00. This check will be cashed immediately.

  • Each Home Club Family will be required to actively participate in BOTH the fall fundraiser and the Silent Auction in the spring.

  • A $200.00 fundraising deposit is required from each Club family to be cashed only if the family fails to fulfill the fundraising requirements.

  • A family can elect to “opt out” of participating in the Club fundraisers by writing a check to NBNSCFSC for $150.00. This check will be cashed immediately.

  • Each member family will be responsible for entering their hours worked on the Track it Forward website at http://www.trackitforward.com/site/northern-blades-nsc-figure-skating-club. All hours should be submitted before June 30th, 2021.

  • Hours not completed and/or submitted before June 30th, 2021 will not be counted.

  • The volunteer deposit checks will be returned or destroyed upon full completion of the service/volunteer hours and fundraising requirements. If a family is short hours, up to 2, they can elect to pay for those hours instead of forfeiting the entire deposit check of $250. Those missed hours will be charged at the rate of $40 per hour missed. If a member decides to withdraw, change Clubs or in any way discontinue membership, ALL volunteer requirements must still be met, NO EXCEPTIONS.

There are numerous opportunities to complete the required service/volunteer hours to the club. Our Club’s annual USFS competition “Rising Stars” which will take place October 25th, 2020, along with the “Frosty Blades” ISI competition hosted by the National Sports Center (February 2021) should provide ample volunteer opportunities for members for the 2020-21 season, along with other various events and activities, such as the Annual Silent Auction (which takes place during the NSC Spring Ice Show), attending Board meetings, our Annual Banquet in May, monthly exhibitions, etc. In an attempt to distribute the volunteer time required for those major events (Rising Stars and Frosty Blades) equitably across families, we strongly encourage that everyone participate in these events even if you do not have a skater competing. Committees for various activities are also available for members to help with important tasks and earn volunteer hours!


ADDITIONAL HOURS                                                                                                                                                          Members who work more than their required minimum requirements are awarded ice vouchers which are good for any 45 min contract ice session. For every 5 service/volunteer hours worked beyond the required family minimum, families will receive 1 ice voucher. Vouchers earned during the 2020-21 season will have an expiration date of one year from the time earned. Families are capped at 200 additional volunteer hours after meeting their requirement. Any hours volunteered above and beyond the capped amount will not earn coupons (this is so that the Club does not have to issue any 1099's to members).



Volunteer FAQ's

1. How many volunteer hours are required per family?

Each family that has a skater who is a home club member must complete at least 10 hrs of service and participate in BOTH the fall fundraiser and the silent auction. 

Alumni and Collegiate members are not required to complete any service hours or fundraising for the club, however, your participation is welcomed and encouraged.

2. When do our hours need to be completed by?

Hours can be completed and entered anytime during the membership year which runs from July 1st-June 30th. Members are responsible for entering and tracking their own hours using the new Track it Forward website and/or smart phone app.

3. We joined Northern Blades after January 1st, are our requirements different?

No, membership requirements are the same no matter when you join the Club.

4. Is there an option to opt-out of volunteering and/or fundraising?

Yes. Members are able to opt-out of either or both by submitting the appropriate opt-out check of $200 (for the volunteer hours’ requirement) or $150 (for the fundraising requirement). If opting out of BOTH, then both checks are required.

5. Where can I fulfill my hours?

There are many opportunities throughout the year to fulfill volunteer requirements. Serving on the Board of Directors, working as a committee chair, or holding one of several other positions is a great way to not only fulfill your hours, but also, learn more about figure skating. Other opportunities include working at fundraising events, assisting with the annual Silent Auction, working at either the Rising Stars competition or the Frosty Blades competition, or assisting at special events such as Fall Kick Off, National Skating Month, the Annual Banquet or exhibitions.

6. If I help out as a dressing room attendant, sell flowers, etc. at the annual Ice Show, do those hours count?

Since the annual Ice Show is put on by NSC and the skate school, the hours will not count towards your club requirements. However, NSC offers a lot of benefits to Northern Blades NSC FSC thru this event and countless other events, so, we highly encourage our members to volunteer throughout the year at NSC events! Whether it’s a club event or an NSC event, they cannot continue unless they have volunteers like you. Helping with the Northern Blades silent auction (during the Ice Show) as either a committee member or during the actual shows, does count towards your club volunteer requirements.

7. When do I have to have my hours completed?

You have the full year of membership, July 1st-June 30th, to complete and enter your hours.

8. What if I don’t fulfill the required amount of hours by the end of the membership year or participate in a fundraiser?

If by June 30th, you have not met your families membership requirements, your $250 volunteer check and your $200 fundraising check you submitted with your membership application will be cashed. You will be notified by email if you did not meet your requirements and that your check will be deposited.

9. What if I am interested in a committee chair, board position or other position with the club?

You can contact any board member or send an email to secretary@northernblades.org

10. How do I make sure I am credited for the volunteer hours I worked?

Members are responsible for tracking and entering their own hours thru the website Track it Forward. Information on how to use it and a link can be found below.

11. Where do I log and record my hours?

Northern Blades NSC Figure Skating Club uses a website called Track it Forward to record, track and monitor it's members volunteer time. It allows the user to quickly enter in their hours and provides access to monitor and track each member's requirement. Simply log in using the link below or download the app directly to your phone. For more information, please contact Tania Uhde, membership@northernblades.org.

11. How can I find out how many hours I have completed and how many I have left to complete?

You can access your information on the website, Track it Forward. For more information on Track it Forward, please see our website, www.northernblades.org

12. My question wasn’t answered here, who do I contact?

Any questions on volunteering or on the Track it Forward website can be directed to Tania Uhde  at  membership@northernblades.org.

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