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Northern Blades Axel Club Members

Here at the NBNSCFSC, we believe that landing your Axel is a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated. We want to commend all the hard work that goes into meeting this goal and recognize the skaters who get there!  

Once you meet this goal, you will earn a place in the NORTHERN BLADES AXEL CLUB. You will get your name on the bulletin board at the rink, on our website and social media pages (with parent permission), and you will also receive special recognition at our official awards banquet in the spring! 


  • All skaters must be in good standing with the club. 

  • Those who have already passed the Juvenile free skate have the option to be inducted into the Axel Club automatically, or take on the challenge! 

  • You must land 3 clean axels in front of a Northern Blades NSC FSC Coach who will then notify the board of your accomplishment and give you their permission to add your name to the board.



Sydney B.

Marah K.

Joslyn E.

Isabella G.

Makenna L.

Lily E.

Olivia R.

Alexa D.

Audrey A.

Katalina P.

Danika O.

JoJo F.

Emily B.

Emily M.

Hannah K.

Ava H.

Adriana G.

Ali F.

Maggie H.

Gemma K.

Mari C.

Saveena A.

Sophie M.

Charlotte H.

MaKayla D.

Erin L.

Carys D.

Allison B.

Megan P.

Marlee C.

Molly C.

Fayth T.

Abberly M.

Lilly K.

Simone B.

Cora S.

Nora C.

Chloe G.

Lyla U.

Maddy R.

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