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Northern Blades uses Strauss Skates in Maplewood for embroidery on Jackets and Vests. (Only jackets and vests may be brought to Strauss to be embroidered) Most jackets can have the Northern Blades club logo on the back. Some jackets (such as lulu) have seams and/or a vent that prevents embroidery on the back-for these jackets choose the left sleeve logo option. 

  • Any all-black jacket can be purchased to receive the Club stars logo along with the skater’s name on the front left side. 


  • Any all-black puffer vest can be purchased to receive the Silver Text Club logo ONLY along with the skater’s name on the front left side. The Silver Text Club logo can ONLY be put on a black puffer vest, no jackets.

To get your vest or jacket embroidered, fill out the form below with the appropriate information. Take the item, the form and payment and drop off at Strauss Skates in Maplewood. The Club also provides at least 2 online stores (thru Strauss) throughout the season to purchase other apparel such as t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, etc. Watch your email for details and access to the stores!

--Embroidery Form--

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