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NSC Skate School Participants:



After the Governor’s press conference today and under the advisement of the Minnesota Department of Health, the National Sports Center will be suspending activities on campus starting at 5 pm today.  This includes the NSC Learn to Skate Classes, Contract Ice Sessions, Pros Ice Sessions and NSC Ice Show Rehearsals.  Events and activities are planned to resume on March 28, all recreational programming after March 27 is still on as scheduled.  Please watch for more information to follow on any additional changes.


We will continue to monitor the situation daily and make any updates/changes as necessary.  Your safety is our number one priority and we are working diligently to keep our campus healthy and safe. We have a response team that is following developments closely and remains in constant contact with local and state health officials to make sure we are acting on the latest guidance. 


We recommend consulting the following links as reliable sources to keep abreast of the spread of COVID-19:







Thank you,


      - National Sports Center Headquarters





Board Nominations for 2020/21 Season


Our May Banquet will be here soon and that means that we will need some new Board members! We currently have 4 open positions; Molly Fitzel, Tania Uhde, April Gibbs and Missy Giacomini will not be running again for the Board. Rachel Harris will be running again! Positions currently open are President, Treasurer, Secretary and Fundraising. Just know these aren't set in stone as once the Board is selected, they will meet and decide on positions based on what people are interested in! I have attached a PDF listing the position, who currently holds that position and a brief list of duties. If you have additional questions about a position you are interested in, please reach out to the person currently holding that position to learn more about what they do. :)  If you have any other questions, please ask Jane Schaber. Per the Club's Bylaws, 

Active members in good standing who are 18 years old and older may run for Board of Director positions... 

Professional members may serve as Directors of the Club so long as collectively they do not constitute a majority of the total number of Directors of the Club.

Interested persons can send an email to NBNSCFSC@outlook.com.


Thank you!!

NBNSCFSC Board of Directors

PDF of Board Descriptions

Congratulations to our newest Gold Medalists,

Lydia DeBoer and Emily Miller!


Happy Birthday to the following members for March!


Bridget McNeff

Mari Castilleja

Addison Melstrom

Ella Larson

Tania Uhde

Abigail Hink

Karen Olson

Amy Brolsma

Applications are now being accepted for the Francesca Hope's & Dreams Scholarship!




                The purpose of the Francesca Hope’s and Dreams Scholarship is to assist Northern Blades skaters in the pursuit of continued academic education. The size and the number of scholarships awarded may differ from year to year and will be dependent upon available funds and donations.  The smallest award will be $250.  The money from the scholarship must be applied to the student’s tuition, labs, and education expenses.                                       



  1. Open to Northern Blades NSC FSC skaters in 9th-12th grades and to Northern Blades NSC FSC Collegiate members that meet the requirements defined below.

  2. The following individuals are Not Eligible:  Northern Blades NSC FSC Board Members, scholarship contributors, member of the selection committee, manager or trustee of the scholarship fund, and/or family members of the aforementioned individuals are not eligible to receive this scholarship.



  1. The applicant must be a Northern Blades NSC Figure Skating Club member in good standing for at least 24 consecutive months prior to application.   ( Collegiate members need to have been an active skater in the Northern Blades NSC FSC during their senior year in high school)

  2. The applicant will support and respect the Northern Blades National Sports Center Figure Skating Club by encouraging membership, good sportsmanship behavior, and by showing positive support and respect for all members, coaches, board members, judges, officials and rink management both on and off the ice.  Skater will follow the rules of skater etiquette as published by the National Sports Center and Northern Blades NSC FSC.

  3. The applicant will demonstrate an academic GPA of 3.0 (B) on a 4.0 scale or equivalent on another point scale.

  4. The applicant will have completed 20 hours of community service activities. 

  5. The applicant will wear Northern Blades NSC FSC apparel while representing the club at competitions.  (Exception:  A skater is allowed to wear a Gold Medalist jacket in lieu of club apparel.)

  6. The applicant must agree to allow NBNSCFSC to post their picture and name in newsletter and display case.

  7. The applicant will complete NBNSCFSC minimum required volunteer hours during the season.  The buy-out options will not be accepted in order to receive the scholarship.

**If you have news to share and would like it posted, please email secretary@northernblades.org