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Congratulations to the following members for tests passed!

(July 2023-Present)

March 2024

Hannah Kumpel - Silver Skating Skills

Emily Bruesehoff - Pre-Silver Standard Solo Free Dance

Molly Cunnien - Preliminary Dance Test (Follow Partnered)

February 2024

Molly Cunnien - Pre-Silver Skating Skills

Norah Fischbach - Preliminary Skating Skills   

Cora Severson - Preliminary Dance Test (Follow Partnered)

Audrey Anderson -Gold Skating Skills  

Mel Berghuis - Adult Bronze Skating Skills 21+

Sydney Brannick - Gold Skating Skills

Marlee Conde - Pre-Silver Skating Skills

Carys Dobson - Bronze Skating Skills   

Joslyn Edminster - Pre-Gold Skating Skills

Lily Engelke - Pre-Gold Skating Skills

Brooklyn Fields - Pre-Silver Skating Skills

Adriana Griffin - Pre-Gold Skating Skills

Lyla Uhde - Pre-Preliminary Singles

Lyla Uhde - Preliminary Singles

Lyla Uhde - Pre-Bronze Skating Skills

January 2024

Audrey Lee -  Silver Singles

December 2023

Emily Bruesehoff - Bronze Standard Solo Free Dance  

Emily Bruesehoff - Bronze Dance Test (Follow Partnered)          

Landry Fast - Pre-Bronze Dance Test (Follow Partnered)


November 2023

Makenna Leik – Finnstep (Follow Partnered)

Megan Pawlaski – Pre Bronze Singles

Megan Pawlaski – Pre Silver Skating Skills

Madalyne Rechnagel – Preliminary Singles

Sydney Brannick – Pre Gold Skating Skills

Alison Bird – Bronze Singles

Chloe Gindele – Pre Bronze Skating Skills

Fayth Thibodeau – Bronze Singles

Fayth Thibodeau – Pre Silver Skating Skills

Saveena Azad – Pre Silver Skating Skills

Sophia Giacomini – Pre Preliminary Skating Skills

Mel Berghuis – Adult Pre-Bronze Skating Skills - Honors

October 2023

Cora Severson – Preliminary Singles
Cora Severson – Pre-Silver Skating Skills
Alexa Duffy – Silver Singles
Joslyn Edminster – Bronze Singles
Audrey Lee – Pre-Silver Singles
Olivia Rowe – Gold Singles
Audrey Lee – Gold Skating Skills

Makenna Leik – Midnight Blues (Follow Partnered)

September 2023

Maggie Harris – Silver Dance (Follow Partnered)
Olivia Rowe – Bronze Dance (Follow Partnered)
Landry Fast – Preliminary Dance (Follow Partnered)


August 2023
Landry Fast – Gold Skating Skills
Olivia Fischbach – Pre-Silver Skating Skills
Molly Cunnien – Preliminary Singles
Norah Fischbach – Pre-Prelim Skating Skills - Honors
Molly Cunnien – Bronze Skating Skills
Olivia Fischbach – Preliminary Singles
Olivia Rowe – Pre Gold Singles – Honors
Hannah Kumpel – Pre-Silver Singles
Maddy Rechnagel – Pre Silver Skating Skills – Honors
Mari Castilleja – Pre Silver Skating Skills
Mari Castilleja – Bronze Singles
Sophie Marcu – Pre Silver Skating Skills
Charlotte Herrick – Pre Silver Skating Skills
Audrey Anderson – Bronze Singles – Honors
Grace Turi – Pre Preliminary Skating Skills
Eden Turi – Pre Preliminary Skating Skills
Chloe Gindele – Pre Preliminary Skating Skills – Honors
Chloe Gindele – Preliminary Skating Skills – Honors
Chloe Gindele – Pre Preliminary Singles – Honors
Chloe Gindele – Preliminary Singles – Honors
Abberly Marsh – Preliminary Singles
Katie Davis – Preliminary Skating Skills
Nora Conde – Pre Preliminary Singles – Honors
Brooklyn Fields – Bronze Skating Skills
Megan Nicholls – Gold Solo Dance (Follow Solo)

July 2023

Emily Bruesehoff – Pre Bronze Dance (Follow Partner)
Skylar Weirens – Silver Singles – Honors
Skylar Weirens – Pre Gold Singles – Honors
Lily Engelke – Bronze Singles
Skylar Weirens – Gold Singles

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